Make your art digital

photo-manipulation-adobe-photoshop-tutorials-1New technology allows us to express our art on a new and completely different way. We can create things we couldn’t even imagine several years ago. However, working in programs such as the Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Maya, AutoCAD, is not something that can be learned easily. It take time, but most of all we need somebody who will show us how to use them. There are many tutorial books on the market that can help us in learning. Most of them are quite good and they can really help, but there is one problem with these books. Learning process with books is long and not so effective. If you want to learn about digital art there is a better solution than books – online video tutorials.

Online video tutorials are relatively new way of learning. Five years ago Internet technology (speed) came on that level that is possible watching and making online tutorials. In this period of five years, many online tutorials hit the web. No need to say they are not all the same quality. Like with all other things, some online tutorials are better than others. When we say this, we also need to clarify one thing, there is no bad tutorial. Somebody made an effort to make it, and that is something we must appreciate. When we say some of them are better than others, we mainly think on the way that is presented, but from each tutorial you can probably learn something new.

If you are looking for the web sites with the art tutorials, try to find those that have tutorials divided into groups. There is usually a beginner level, intermediate level and expert level. This way you can watch only those tutorials that are appropriate to your level. You will advance much faster in your digital art if you go slowly, step by step.

There different types of tutorials you don’t have to watch them all. You should make a decision what is the area of your interest. Do you want to learn about digital painting, about photography, photo manipulation, design, fonts, etc. In the time you will probably learn all these things, but for the start you should choose and concentrate to one of them. What ever is the area of your interest the Adobe Photoshop is something that you will probably use a lot. If you are not sure what you want to do in the future start with the Adobe Photoshop you will needed in some moment for sure.

imagesIf you have some previous experience in traditional art, that’s very good you will advance much faster than someone without previous knowledge and experience. However, there some technical things that you will have to learn, the best way to scan your art with scanner, what is resolution, when to use certain resolution, how to use pan pad, difference between monitors, etc.

Online video tutorials are great way to learn, if you have patient, if you are persist, you work every day, you can become a professional very fast.

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